19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA



The FBO manages a 68,255 m2 platform and a heliport to receive its aircraft in high level conditions. Our customer service focuses on meeting the needs of our passengers effectively and immediately. We have a team of professionals with extensive knowledge, who are dedicated to solve in time and detail the requirements of service and operation.

We prioritize Quality, Trust and Specialization in the following services:

Expedited services thru customs and immigration procedures

Fuel supply by specialized FBO personnel

Ground Handling

Ground Power Unit

Lavatory services

Potable Water Service

Aircraft Towing

Aircraft overnight parking

Aircraft cleaning services

Bilingual Staff

Meeting rooms

Gourmet services


Concierge Elite Services

VIP transportation services

24-hour security

Passengers and Crew facilities

Heliport Facilities

Line services

Specialized teams with wide aircraft handling experience

International Airport Security for private aviation